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Up to 150 people


The gardens

Set in the picturesque village of Saint-Amant-Tallende, the estate is organized around a series of terraced gardens, from the château to the banks of the charming River Monne. Overlooking the verdant valley, these gardens are the ideal setting for your reception.   



The courtyard of honor

The Cour d'Honneur (350m2), facing the château, is the ideal setting for cocktails. From its walkway, it offers a lovely view of the Romanesque church of Saint-Saturnin and the rolling countryside above the river Monne.


The inner courtyard

Walk along the ramparts to the right of the château to reach the inner courtyard (400m2). An enchanting and unusual place, with its grottoes and sculpted stone decor. 

The courtyard opens onto several reception areas: 


  1. A series of vaults (185m2), practical and convivial for meals.

  2. A large vat room (100m2), ideal for dancing

  3. The choir and crypt of the Roman chapel (80m2 on two floors), for more intimate use

  4. The upper terrace with its footbridges (80m2), offering a panoramic view of the courtyard, roofs and fireplaces.

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